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"Feeling fit and strong over 50 - I can box, lift weights and run with confidence all thanks to the best trainer - Oly he is dedicated, inspiring you to be your best! Don't get old and weak train with Oly and get fit and strong!" 

-Anne C.

“Nothing is given, everything is earned”… "Yes, after months of training at KO fitness I came to experience what that really means. You don’t just become fit overnight with quick and simple workouts. Oly has thought me that fitness is something you earn with hard work, dedication, discipline and commitment. Oly does not give me a boring exercise routine living me clueless about why or how certain exercise should be performed, which is what other gyms I trained at did. Here at KO fitness, along with interesting variety of exercises tailored to my personal preferences, I learn about proper form, and how to correctly perform each workout. Whether it is kickboxing, weight lifting, or cardio, at every training Oly introduces me to new exercises and gives me detailed instructions so that I am able to repeat these trainings on my own. Thanks to Oly’s professional guidance, earning my goal becomes easier and what is most important I really enjoy it. I highly recommend KO fitness to everybody looking for top quality personal training."

-Aneta P.

"I have been a client at KO Fitness for 2 years. Under the guidance of Oly Tamas I'm in better shape at 44 than i was at 24. KO Fitness blends the best cross fit, martial arts training and traditional weight training into unique workouts that push just beyond where you thought you could go. Thank you for helping me get stronger and healthier with each workout."

-Brian H.

"Oly offers very personalized training/attention. He will correct the form where necessary, and explains the body mechanics so that it is easier to remember. He offers sound dietary advice including regaling me with the delicious dinner he had using simple, healthy ingredients! And he has a very pleasing, caring personality – it’s a pleasure working with him towards my fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle. "

Rita K.

"Overall I'm having a great experience here and I enjoy it! Oly is very dedicated and patience best sessions ever!"


Oly is always focused on the workout. He's always on time, never cancels at the last minute and most important is never on the phone during my workout.

He always has a new routine to keep the workouts interesting while still concentrating on the basics. This guy is a true professional who provides a quality worthwhile workout experience in the gym. I always feel that my time is respected with intelligent well designed workouts at KO Fitness.

-Ray G.

My first time working with a trainer and i'm glad I did. It has been a great experience so far and I highly recommend working with Oly. He will keep you guessing your next workout and will push you to the max but in a safe way. He listen to you and never force anything on you. Fairly flexible on time slots whenever available. Eat well + workout with Oly = guaranteed results! and feel good about yourself.

-Abhishek S

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