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I get your frustration.

Every where you turn, there's someone telling you the secret to weight loss.

The new diet or supplement that is "THE BEST AND ONLY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT!", right?

It can feel maddening trying to keep up with what we're "supposed" to do in order to see results in our fitness journey.

One person tells us if we skip breakfast, we will lose out on jump starting our metabolism for the day.

Someone else tells us we're supposed to fast 16 hours a day and keep our eating in an 8 hour window.

Someone else tells us we have to do at least 30 minutes of cardio a day to lose weight, while someone else yet tells us that too much cardio is ruining our metabolism.

Some people claim that cutting out carbs is absolutely necessary after 5pm/after your workout/after you hit a certain age/etc etc etc.

And on, and on, and on, and ON...

Here's the real deal. There's really only ONE rule about fat loss that's true for everyone, and that's this:

You have to be in a caloric deficit - which means, eating less calories than you burn in a day so your body will start to utilize body fat for energy (which will cause weight loss).

But how you create this caloric deficit is up to you.


You can intermittent fast, or you don't have to.

You can cut carbs, or you don't have to.

You can eat breakfast, or you can skip it.

What should YOU do?

Do what helps you adhere to your calorie goal.

Some methods of dieting work better for people, but that doesn't mean they're for EVERYONE.

For some people, intermittent fasting helps them feel more satisfied with their meals because their meals are bigger.

For others, trying to fast for 16 hours makes them feel lightheaded, constantly hungry and low energy.

So for them, it's better to eat consistently throughout the day.

And guess what?

Both ways work.

So if you're feeling confused and overwhelmed by the wealth of information about how to lose weight, remember this:

Keep it simple.

When you're starting to feel confused, go back to the one basic rule: calorie deficit.

And what you do to create that calorie deficit should be about what helps you stick to that calorie deficit. Period.

Hope that helps you take this week on with a little confidence in your fitness plan!

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